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Greve in Chianti and Montefioralle

Montefioralle - Panorama
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Greve in Chianti is a town located at the hearth of the Chianti Region. The name Greve is derived from a little river that runs through the city.

The first settlement in the area is probably dated way before the Etruscan dominion; although the city grew only during the 13th century. Greve was able to preserve its independence for a long time, then passed under the Florentine’s dominion and in 1861 became part of the newly born Italian Kingdom.

The main square as an unusual triangular form; here a market has been hosted for many centuries. The buildings that surround the Piazza were built during the middle age, in particular the beautiful Chiesa Santa Croce is worth a visit. The church was rebuilt in 1325 after the Duke of Lucca had burned down the entire town. The city center houses also a gorgeous Franciscan Monastery.

The area that surround Greve has many villas and castles mostly built by rich Florentine.

At the beginning of the 20th century the Chianti Wine District was enlarged and Greve became part of this noble wine region. The economy grew very quickly also thanks to the olive oil production and the truffle harvesting.

Every September Greve hosts the Chianti Classico Wine Festival. During this period it is possible to taste many local wines as well as local cheeses and olive oils.

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Close to Greve is the village of Montefioralle, mainly known as the possible birthplace of the famous explorer Amerigo Vespucci. On the main street is in fact located a house that still shows on the doorway a wasp (vespa in Italian) and a V. Few kilometers away is situated the Lombard Castle of Vernazzano property of the Vespucci Family. Today it is possible to see only a tower of the original building, the rest of the castle was converted in villa during the 17th century.

Montefioralle was once even a bigger city than Greve. Under the dominion of the Sienese Republic, during the 13th century, a double sets of walls were built in order to protect the city from the Florentine Army. Montefioralle suffers from the decline of Siena, almost all its inhabitants moved to Greve.

The village has a very charming city center and can offers to its visitors a real taste of the authentic life in the Chianti Region!