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Hadrians Villa – Tivoli

Tivoli - Villa Adriana - view
Tivoli - Villa Adriana - particularTivoli - Villa Adriana - ViewTivoli - Villa Adriana - Columns

Hadrians villa is a huge and amazing archaeological site.  Located just outside of Rome below the town of Tivoli, the villa was a summer retreat for the Emperor Hadrian.  It was built between 118AD and 134AD.   The site is extensive and includes a theater, a stadium, libraries, thermal baths and more. The buildings were reproductions of the Hadrian’s favorite buildings he saw in Athens and Egypt.

You can stroll through the scenic grounds where you will find ruins scattered between lovely olive and cypress trees.  If you are interesting in seeing how the whole area looked like at the time of Hadrian, you can view a full model in the pavilion close to the parking area.  Many of the main buildings are marked and some have been reconstructed.     A highlight on the grounds is the Naval or Maritime Theater which is a pool surrounded by columns.  You can reach the Island by a bridge.  When he was not taking care of the business of the Empire, the Emperor loved to paint and study architecture so it is believed this pond was his retreat to enjoy his leisure time.

Hadrian’s love for Athens and Egypt is evident throughout the complex. He particularly enjoyed Greek Philosophers.   One of the gardens is modeled after the “Grove Academe”, the garden where Plato taught his students.  He also reproduced a wonderful colonnade from Athens called the Stoa Poikile after the Stoic philosophers.

Hadrian’s villa is a wonderful day trip from Rome well worth a visit.

Villa D’Este – Tivoli

Tivoli - Villa D'Este  - fountain

Villa D’Este in Tivoli is a great attraction to visit from Rome.  The villa belonged to Cardinal Ippolito d’Este who was the son of Lucrezia Borgia and Alfonso d’Este and was built in 1550. The interior of the extravagant building is richly decorated with beautiful frescoes and fountains but the main attraction of the site is the amazing garden.

The terraced garden has an abundance of shady trees and spectacular fountains.  There are numerous paths to follow that guide you through stunning vistas and unique water displays.  There is a fountain dedicated to Rome called Rometta.  The water display recreates the monuments of Rome.  There is the Bicchierone, a fountain by Bernini.  Many fountains offer water displays at various times of the day.  A schedule of the displays can be found at the entrance. Another highlight is the Hundred fountains path with its amazing cascading waters.    You can find historical information about the garden and the fountains throughout.

Villa d’Este is the perfect summer day trip from Rome with its shady trees and freshness from the cold water of the numerous fountains.


Tivoli - Rocca Pia
Tivoli  - Villa d'EsteTivoli - Villa d'Este - FountainTivoli - Villa d'Este - frescosTivoli - Villa AdrianaTivoli - Villa Adriana - viewTivoli - Villa d'Este - One hundred fountain

Tivoli is one of the most popular day trips from Rome.  It has been a summer retreat from the Roman times because of its lovely climate during the hot muggy months.   It is set on Monti Tiburtini hills where the air is cleaner and cooler than Rome.  Historically it has been a town for the rich who built their holiday homes in this area.  In the suburbs of the town you can still enjoy the thermal springs that attracted the Romans of the past.   You can still see the ruins of the ancient town wall from the 4th century BC and ruins of temples as well.


Of course Tivoli is most know for its two famous villas; the Villa d’Este from the Renaissance period and Hadrian’s Villa built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian.  Both are Unesco World Heritage Sites and both are worthy of a visit.