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Pompeii Archaeological Park

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Pompeii is an amazing archeological site that showcases the day in the life of the Romans. On that fateful day in 79AD the town was covered by ash and lava from the eruption of the overshadowing volcano, Vesuvius.
Everything stopped at that moment and was preserved for 1500 thousand years when it was first rediscovered.

The ash and lava that spewed from the volcano tragically killed the citizens of Pompeii but due to the volcanic material which was soft, the city was wonderfully persevered.  Not only the buildings but also the interiors of the houses and shops were left just as they were on that day creating a great opportunity to experience the daily life in Roman Pompeii.    As you study the walls of the buildings you will find painted messages or advertising for an electoral campaign.  On other walls there are crude jokes directed at particular people.  On the shop walls and entrances you can find the service or product sold there and the name of the owner.  All this gives a fascinating insight into the culture and social fabric of the people of the city.

Things to see

On the outskirts of the town you can view working class and peasant houses and workshops.  You can still see furniture and tools and kitchenware inside the homes.  Also in this area are the brothels what are very clearly marked.

Pompeii was first discovered in the 16th century but it was not until 1738 that excavations began in a systematic way.
For over 250 years now Pompeii has had a steady stream of visitors.  In 1997 Pompeii was designated part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.  It is one of the top attractions in Italy drawing over 2.5 million visitors.