Sightseeing Tours of Rome

Rome and the surrounding area are full of must see highlights. Come discover them on our of our day trips from Rome.
Relive the glories of the ancient Roman Empire as you are guided through the Colosseum and Roman Forum. See the basilica of St, Peter in Chains that contains what is believed to be the chains of St. Peter. Stand on the Palatine hill, the site of the origin of Rome and see the Circus Maximus where Roman chariot races were once held and see the place where the Roman Temples of Jupiter and Jun and Minerva once stood on the Capitoline Hill.

Climb the famous Spanish Steps and window shop on the Via dei Condotti. Toss a coin in the Trevi fountain. Marvel at the amazing Pantheon with its open dome. Have a gelato in the beautiful Piazza Navona and experience the lively market at the Campo dei Fiori.
Just outside Rome do not miss the amazing Tivoli with the Villa D’Este and its awesome gardens and the elaborate villa of the Emperor Hadrian. A little further south the archeological park of Pompeii awaits. Walk back in time in this Roman city that has been preserved for two thousand years beneath the ashes of the imposing volcano Mt. Vesuvius.

Excursions from Rome