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Alba - Scuola Enologica
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The gorgeous city of Alba is well known around the world as the centre of the UNESCO Human Heritage area of Langhe; however its wines and white truffles are probably even more famous!

The first settlements in the area were founded by the Celtics and Ligurians. Alba today is located exactly where once was built a Roman city. During the Roman period the town went through a period of prosperity and peace; unfortunately during the centuries that followed the end of the Roman Empire Alba was sacked numerous times. Only when the city passed under the control of the Savoy family at the beginning of the 17th century peace was brought back. 

Luckily it is still possible to admire few well preserved roman buildings and parts of the roman walls erected to protect the city.

Visiting the town centre there are many beautiful churches worth a visit.

The Duomo built following the Romanesque style during the 12th century has gone through many renovations. Only the campanile was never restyled. The Church of San Domenico is considered by many the most beautiful one in town. The Church of San Giovanni Battista has many lovely paintings.

Gorgeous are also the Bishop’s Palace and the Palazzo Comunale.

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Alba has a very strong economy, thanks to the presence in the territory of many successful business. Around the world the city is mostly famous for its wine production. Some of the finest Italian’s wines come from this area. This small town can count on almost 300 wineries!

The wines product in the area are: Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco, Barolo and Moscato.

Food lovers visit this town all year round not only for the incredible choice of wines but also for its delicious and exquisite white truffles!

When exploring this lovely city visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a gorgeous historical centre, to taste some of the most renowned Italian’s wines and to indulge in a delicious cuisine!

Alba’s White Truffle

Tartufo di Alba - Tartufo
Risotto with White Truffles from AlbaTartufo di Alba - White truffles from AlbaTartufo di Aba - Tagliatelle with white truffle

Among truffles the White Truffle is considered the most precious and exquisite! Because of its value, both economical and gastronomical, it is often compared to diamonds!

It’s possible to find the White Truffle in several areas around Italy, France and on the Istrian Peninsula; however it is found mostly in the Langhe and Montferrat regions especially around the city of Alba and Asti. The truffles discovered in this area are the most precious ones on the market.

A good size white truffle can weight around 500 grams, even though usually they are smaller. The flesh is either pale cream or light brown.

The white truffle market in Alba is the most important one in the world. Every year truffle lovers come to visit the town to enjoy tastings and events related to this precious truffle. The busiest period is between October and mid-November when the White Truffle Fair takes place. This is the oldest white truffle fair in the world and it offers a wide range of entertainment to its visitors like concerts, tastings and also a white truffle walk.

The main event of the fair is the Worldwide Auction Sale of the White Truffles of Alba hosted every year in the Castle of Grinzane. Because of the popularity of the fair the auction is connected via satellite to other cities around the world!

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Alba’s white truffle is becoming a status symbol and its value is growing very quickly. In 2001 it was sold for $2000–$4500 per kilogram; only few years later in 2009 it was sold for $14,203.50 per kilogram! However the team that organizes the Alba fair refuse to let it become an elite event so they decided to donate a big part of the earnings from the auctions to charity.

Visiting Alba during the fair period visitors will enjoy the Food and Wine Exhibition, Alba Qualità; here it is possible to taste the typical and mouth-watering products and dishes of the region as well as its famous and precious wines!


Asti - Vineyards
Asti - DuomoAsti - PalaceAsti - Palio di AstiAsti - Torre TroyanaAsti - Santa Caterina ChurchAsti - Palio

The first settlements in this area are dated back to the Neolithic period.

Due to its strategic position Asti is been involved in endless battles for centuries. The Roman built the first fortifications around the town; however it couldn’t stop several barbarian invasions!

After centuries of uncertainty the city passed under the French domination. At the end of the 16th century it became part of the Savoy’s dominion.

The rich past of Asti is shown in its beautiful city centre, where it is still possible to admire part of the ancient city walls and many gorgeous medieval palaces and merchants houses. During the medieval time became popular, among the richest families, to erect monumental towers; the town was also called “the city of 100 towers”. Luckily many of these towers are still existent. Among the most famous are: Torre dei Comentini, Torre de Regibus and Torre Troyana (all built during the 13th century); unique it is the ancient Rossa di San Secondo, erected during the Roman period.

Discovering the city it is also possible to visit several stunning churches. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta was built during the 13th century in Romanesque-Gothic style on top of an old Church. The gorgeous bell tower was added in 1266. Another beautiful church worth a visit is the Collegiata di San Secondo dedicated to Secundus of Asti the town’s patron saint. It was constructed during the 13th century; however the crypt was part of an older building and it is dated back to the 6th century.

Every year at the end of September the city hosts the famous Palio di Asti. During this event each Asti’s Rione and some of the adjacent towns, rival in a bare-back horse race. The Palio was established to celebrate an important victory in battle against the city of Alba. It is the oldest Italian Palio.

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Asti, Cuneo and Alessandria’s provinces produce some of the best red wines in Italy. The Barbera one is one of the most popular wines of the area.

However the most famous, and renowned around the world, wine produced in the region is the Asti Spumante (DOCG), a sparkling sweet white wine. This wine is produced only with white muscat grape. Besides the Asti Spumante is also produce a more expensive version called Moscato d’Asti.

Asti is also considered a paradise for the truffle lovers! From October to December the white truffle season attracts numerous fan of this famous delicacy!

San Miniato

San Miniato - View
San Miniato - ParticularSan Miniato - PanoramaSan Miniato - Landscape

San Miniato is an enchanting little town located in the beautiful Tuscany region.

The first settlement in the area go back to the Paleolithic era. Both Etruscans and Romans have lived here. During the medieval period the city was crossed by the via Francigena, the most important route among Rome and Northern Europe. Many armies passed by together with merchants and travelers. Under the Frederick Barbarossa domination the city was fortified with walls and towers. During the first half of the 13th century San Miniato passed under the Florentine dominion until 1860 when it was annexed in the newly born Italian Kingdom.

This small village has a lot to offers to its visitors. Famous is the 13th century Tower of Frederick, from which it is possible to enjoy a breath-taking view of the Valdarno. The tower was destroyed by the Nazi during the Second World War but luckily it was rebuilt in the late ’50. The Cathedral of Sant’Assunta and San Genesio, also simply known as Duomo di San Miniato, has a unique façade decorated with majolica bowls. The church was initially built in Romanesque style, it was later remodeled several times, and today we can see also a Gothic and Renaissance influence. The Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall) was built during the 14th century and has a beautiful great hall. The building is still used as San Miniato’s City Hall! Worth a visit are the Church of San Francesco and the Church of San Domenico both built between the 13th and 14th century. Visitors of San Miniato can also enjoy the view of many beautiful Palazzi built during the Renaissance Period by the local aristocratic families.

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San Miniato is mostly known around the world for the white truffles, which is possible to find in the area around the town. The white truffle is even more valuable than the black one. The month of November is dedicated to this precious truffle with a three weeks long festival.

In 1954 an incredible 2.5 kg white truffle was found and it was sent as a gift to the United States President Eisenhower!


Private Tuscany Truffle Hunting and Cooking Class Tour

San Miniato - Panorama
San Miniato - ViewSan Miniato - LandscapeSan Miniato - Particular

From: $315.77

tour duration

10 Hours

start time

08:00 AM
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, sun

meeting point

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Your private driver will pick you up in the morning to bring you on a charming full day excursion that will include a unique truffle hunting experience and a private cooking class!

Your journey will start immediately while you enjoy the enchanting views from the car. You will reach soon the beautiful truffles region where the search and use of truffles has a very long tradition. The white truffle is part of the history of this area. In the San Miniato area and in hilly Volterra, fairs and village banquets celebrate the maturing of this tasty parasite, which thrives under oak trees and poplars.

During your guided tour, you will accompany a licensed truffle hunter and his trained truffle-sniffing dog in an exciting hunt for truffles! At the end of your hunting you will visit a Truffle Factory, where the owners will explain how they work on truffles, and will offer you a delightful tasting of their products before sampling same typical dishes.

Your tour will continue with the visit of the charming San Miniato, a small village famous for truffles in Tuscany. Here you will have time to explore this enchanting town on your own. We also suggest to enjoy a meal in one of the characteristic restaurants that the city offers! Just be sure to return in time for your cooking class!

Your next stop will be in Figline Valdarno an Arcadian oasis surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. Here, you will be given a private lesson in the preparation of authentic Tuscan cuisine by a local chef. The concept of the cooking class is to focus on seasonal dishes so the ingredients used will be fresh.  You will then of course enjoy what you have prepared along with selected wines that accompany the menu.

At the end of your tour meet your driver again to return to your accommodations in Florence.


– Round trip transportation with private car

– Expert English speaking driver and guide

– Truffle Hunting

– Visit of a Truffle Factory with sampling of typical dishes

– Independent visit of San Miniato

– Cooking Class and Dinner


– Tuscany landscapes

– Chianti Hills

– San Miniato

– Figline Valdarno

-Truffle Factory

– Confirmation will be received at time of booking

– Voucher and detailed operator information, including local emergency numbers will be received three weeks before the date of your tour.

– Adult pricing applies to all travelers.

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