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St. Clare’s Basilica – Assisi

Assisi - St Clair Facade
Assisi - St Clair - side viewAssisi - St Clair - RosoneAssisi - St Clair  - interior

One of the most famous followers of St. Francis was St. Clare. This young and beautiful girl from a noble family was so inspired by Francis that she ran away from her home and family and dedicated her life to God. She became the founder of the monastic Order of Saint Clare that still counts thousands of members.  A beautiful basilica in Assisi is dedicated to her.

The construction of the Basilica of Saint Clare started in 1257 right after St. Clare canonization. The church is a perfect example of simple Gothic interior with frescoes and painting. Unfortunately many frescoes were lost during the 17th century, but it is still possible to admire some beautiful examples of 13th century frescoes by Giotto’s students.

Things to see

The Façade was built with the typical white and pink stone of Assisi. Its Campanile (bell tower) is the tallest in the city.

St. Clare’s body is on display in the Neo-Gothic crypt underneath the church. Right in front of the Basilica the terrace Piazza Santa Chiara offers a stunning view over the Umbra Valley.