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Piazza del Comune – Assisi

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Taking a stroll around the stunning Piazza del Comune Assisi’s history unfolds itself through the historic buildings that adorn it. On the North side of the Piazza is located the Roman Temple of Minerva converted in the Middle Ages into a Christian church: San Donato. Now the church is called Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. (Santa Maria over Minerva)

Next to the Temple there is the beautiful Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo, a 13th century building. The original of this building can be seen in the frescos of the life of St. Francis in the basilica. The Fresco shows the building without the tower. Restored in 1927 its original look was considerably modified including an ornate series of merlons added in 1932. The Palace was the first public building of the Piazza. The adjoining Torre del Popolo was built as a judiciary for the “Captain of People” in 1274. A bell was added in 1926 to celebrate the 700th anniversary of St. Francis’ death.

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On the south side of Piazza del Comune there are two characteristics medieval buildings: Palazzo del Governatore, the tallest public building in Assisi, and Palazzo dei Priori. Both were used as residencies for the Governors and the Priors.

The Post-Office building is the most recent one. It was built in 1926 where once the church of San Nicolo’ stood.

The Piazza is also embellished by the Fontana dei Tre Leoni erected in 1762.