Teatro alla Scala

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La Scala – Milan

Milan - La Scala - Exterior
Milan - La Scala - FacadeMilan - La Scala - OrchestraMilan - La Scala - Interior

One of the most famous buildings in Milan is the stunning Teatro alla Scala, better known simply as La Scala.

The theatre was built during the 18th century after the Teatro Regio Ducale was destroyed by a fire.

The Empress Maria Theresa decided to build it where the Church of Santa Maria della Scala was located. Unfortunately the theatre was destroyed during the Second World War; however only a year after the war ended the reconstruction began.

The stunning interiors, the exceptional acoustics and one of the world’s largest stages: today La Scala is considered one of the world leading opera houses. The best opera singers and musicians had performed here; the works of the most celebrated composers had premiered at La Scala.

In 1911 a group of men, composed by some of the most prominent people if Milan, decided to purchase the theatre collection owned by an antique dealer. The collection was supposed to be audited in Paris, but they thought that it would have built the foundation for a unique theater collection that was asked by the Milanese intellectuals for a long time. They requested the help of the government and of the richest people in Milan. At the end they were able keep the unique collection in Milan: it was immediately donated to the city!

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The museum opened a couple of years later with a sumptuous ceremony. Today thanks to many donations and further purchases the collection hosted in La Scala Museum is one of the most famous in the world.

In 1952 due to a generous donations a library was added to the museum.