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Stresa is a lovely village located on the shores of  the enchanting Lake Maggiore. Thanks to the breathtaking views over the lake, in particular over the unique Borromean Islands, and the elegant Villas built by the Italian aristocracy over the centuries, for the last 200 years tourism had been the main source of income.

The town was probably founded around AD 998; it was just a small fisherman village for centuries. The name Stresa literally means strip of land. When the town passed under the dominion of the Borromeo Family everything changed. The poor village became a gorgeous town where the European aristocracy loved to retreat during the summer’s months. At the beginning of the 17th centuries many stunning Villas were built.

When the Simplon Pass opened in 1806 the tourism doubled; a century later it was built also a rail tunnel. Many luxury hotels were erected in order to accommodate the growing number of visitors. Tourists started to enjoy also the ski runs, bob sleighs and the first Italian ski jumps!

Things to do

Today Stresa offers to its visitors a wide range of attractions. Get lost while walking around all the stunning Villas, enjoy the breathtaking views over the Lake Maggiore, visit the unique Borromean Islands or simply enjoy a cruise around the lake! If you are a mountain lover you can take the cable car that in 20 minutes will bring you on the top of Monte Mottarone!

Visiting Stresa during the summer you can have the possibility to enjoy the Stresa Musical Weeks one of the most important classical music festival in Europe!