Statue of Christ of the Abyss

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Portofino - Harbor
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The lovely fisherman village of Portofino is well known around the world for its unique harbour and its popularity among famous visitors! It is one of the symbols of the gorgeous Italian Riviera.

Portofino was built around a very small harbour; coming from the sea visitors can immediately recognized it by the brightly painted buildings.

The name Portofino came from the latin Portus Delphini, Port of the Dolphins, due to the presence in the area of many dolphins!

After the end of the Roman Empire the village was annexed to the Republic of Genoa. It was later sold to the Republic of Florence, however after a very short period it went back to Genoa. At the beginning of the 19th century passed under the Kingdom of Sardinia first and in 1861 became part of the newly born Italian Kingdom.

It was after the unification of Italy that the town started to became very popular among the European aristocracy. Tourism started to flourish and many rich visitors decided to build here their luxurious villas. By 1950 tourism had became the most important industry of the village; local fishermen became restaurateurs, numerous cafes and restaurants were opened!

Things to see

Famous is the Statue of Christ of the Abyss, put underwater in 1954 in order to protect fishermen and scuba divers. Visiting this lovely town it is possible to discover few little gems like the medieval Church of St. Martin, the Church of St. George or the gothic Oratory of Santa Maria Assunta.

Today Portofino is still very popular among the jet setters all around the world! Spending your holidays here it will be possible to spot many famous actors, singers and fashion designers!