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Private Turin Walking Tour

Turin - Mole Antonelliana - View from Ponte Isabella
Turin - Santuario della Consolata - Side viewTurin - Piazza CastelloTurin - Palazzo Reale - ViewTurin - Palazzo Madama - Night ViewTurin - Palazzo Madama - Back ViewTurin - Mole Antonelliana - Panorama

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3 Hours

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09:30 AM –

02:00 pm

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meeting point

piazza castello,  more details at booking




Meet your guide in the regal Piazza Castello to start your three hour Private Turin Walking Tour. The tour will give you the opportunity to discover this beautiful town where once the Kings of Italy reigned.

In the last five century the elegant Piazza Castello has been the center of the city life: the most important buildings in Turin are located here. The Savoy Family (the Royal Family) built their residence in the north side of the Piazza during the 16th century and lived there until they were exiled. Today the Royal Palace houses a museum dedicated to the House of Savoy. Another beautiful palace that you will admire is the one called Palazzo Madama (Madame Palace) where many regents lived. This palace had been through numerous renovations; today we can admire a beautiful baroque façade covered in white marble while the rear part of the palace still looks like a medieval castle.

Your next stop will be the gorgeous Turin’s Cathedral; the Duomo is dedicated to St John the Baptist and it was built next to a Romanesque campanile. The famous Chapel of the Holy Shroud was added to the Duomo at the end of the 17th century in order to accommodate the Shroud of Turin. The Cathedral is one of the few example of Renaissance art survived in the city. The interior is richly decorated thanks to the works of many artists of different periods.

A short walk will bring you in Piazza della Consolata where you will visit the beautiful Marian Sanctuary known as La Consolata. The first church on the spot was built during the 5th century; since then many renovations have completely remodeled it. Today La Consolata showcases a unique collection of style: a Roman wall, Romanesque campanile, baroque domes, a neoclassical portico and a stunning rococo interior. The church is very famous for an Icon of the Virgin housed in one of its chapel.

Your guide will now introduced you to one of the traditions of the city: you will enjoy a bicerin in one of the historical bar of Turin. The bicerin is an espresso coffee mixed with hot chocolate and cream. Every Sunday morning after attending to the Mass the Torinesi sit in one of the beautiful 19th century bar that Turin still offers and enjoy a bicerin with their families and friends!

Your tour will now bring you to visit the beautiful Piazza Vittorio and will end right in front of the unique Mole Antonelliana.

We suggest you to visit the famous Mole that today houses the Museo Nazionae del Cinema (National Museum of Cinema). With its 167.5 meters, or 550 feet, of high the Mole Antonelliana is the tallest museum in the world!


– English speaking local guide (3h)

– Visit of Piazza Castello

– Visit of Turin’s Duomo

– Visit of the Sanctuary of La Consolata

– Bicerin Tasting Fees


– Piazza Castello

– Royal Palace

– Palazzo Madama

– Turin’s Duomo

– Piazza della Consolata

– Sanctuary of La Consolata

– Piazza Vittorio

– Mole Antonelliana

– Confirmation will be received at time of booking

– Voucher and detailed operator information, including local emergency numbers will be received three weeks before the date of your tour.

– The dress code for men and women is strictly enforced in churches. No shorts, bare shoulders or miniskirts. You may risk refused entry if you fail to comply with these dress requirements.

– Adult pricing applies to all travelers.

Departure point:

Piazza Castello, more details at booking

3 hours

Return details:
Piazza Vittorio

Royal Palace – Turin

Turin - Palazzo Reale - View
Turin - Palazzo RealeTurin - Palazzo Reale - GateTurin - Palazzo Reale - Facade

The Royal Palace of Turin was the residence of the Savoy Family for centuries.

Located in the central Piazza Castello the palace was built were once stood the Bishop’s Palace. The location was chosen for two reasons: to be close where the court met, and to monitor the two main entrances of Turin, the Palatine Gate and the Pretoria Gate.

Initially built during the 16th century it was remodeled during the regency of Christine Marie of France a century later. She hired the famous baroque architect Filippo Juvarra. He designed the gorgeous staircase called Scala delle Forbici.

Another important addition to the original palace was the construction of the Chapel of the Holy Shroud. The chapel was built in order to house the famous Shroud of Turin, property of the Savoy Family since 1453.

Things to see

The gate that surround the Palace is decorated with a Golden Medusa; the Medusa symbol was used to scare trespassers.

In 1946 after a referendum abolished the monarchy in Italy the Palace was converted into a museum. It was dedicated to the House of Savoy.

In 1997 the Royal Palace became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Cathedral of St John the Baptist – Turin

Turin - Duomo - Exterior
Turin - Duomo - ParticularTurin - Duomo - InteriorTurin - Duomo - Cappella della Madonna

Turin’s Duomo is dedicated to St John the Baptist. The cathedral is dated back to the 15th century; it was built next to a Romanesque campanile.

 The famous Chapel of the Holy Shroud was added to the Duomo at the end of the 17th century in order to accommodate the Shroud of Turin, property of the Savoy Family since the 15th century.

The Duomo was built where once stood a Roman theater. Originally three churches were erected on the spot; however at the end of the 15th century they were demolished and the modern Cathedral was built.

The baroque architect Filippo Juvarra was hired to remodel the Duomo in order to create a space dedicated to the Shroud. He designed a chapel with an oval form and a new dome. However the Dome took almost three decades in order to be completed.

The Duomo is today considered one of the most popular Turin’s buildings; it is one of the few example of Renaissance art survived in the city. The beautiful white marble façade is a perfect example of this style.

Things to see

The interior is richly decorated thanks to the works of many artists of different periods. The beautiful Tribuna Reale, Royal Tribune, was designed by Simone Martinez during the 18th century for Carlo Emanuele III di Savoia.

A terrible fire heavily damaged the building in 1997; luckily the Shroud was saved by the firefighters. A renovation started immediately and a new case was built to display the Shroud.