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Marino & Albano

Lake Albano
Marino - Castelli RomaniLake Albano  & Castelgandolfo

Marino is a small city located in the Lazio region. More specifically, it is located in the Colli Albani territory near Lake Albano. Marino belongs to the Castelli Romani and produces a famous white wine named after the city.

Each year Marino organizes the Sagra dell’Uva, an Italian wine festival, during the first Sunday of October. Wine pours out from the Fontana dei Quattro Mori (“Fountain of the Four Moors”) located in the center of the city. This festival began in 1925 after an idea the poet Leone Ciprelli had; the city has organized this wine festival every year since. Around the same time, the city celebrates the day of Our Lady of the Rosary (Madonna del Rosario) to commemorate the victory of Santa Alleanza during the battle of Lepanto against the Ottoman emperor on October 7th 1571.

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A funny anecdote is tied to this city and its wine festival: a few years ago, a plumbing mistake occurred to the water connections and inhabitants suddenly saw wine coming out of their taps. Some people were just filling up their bathtub when they noticed the water turn into wine. A few locals said it was a miracle but it was in fact an error made by the technicians who confused the connections for the wine fountain and the city waterways. The error was quickly fixed but a few wine lovers were able to take advantage of it.

The Marino white wine is one of the most famous wines from the Castelli Romani area and thanks to the special climate in Marino, it differs a little bit from the other wines of the region. This white wine can be best appreciated with meat, cheese and cold cuts.

Many Romans come to this small city during the weekends, especially during the summer, to enjoy some fresh air and green space. Thanks to its location atop of a hill, Marino offers its visitors a lovely place to stay during the summer. Moreover, many nice restaurants are located in the city.

Albano, or Albano Laziale as it is often called, is one of the most important municipalities in the Castelli Romani region. Albano Laziale is located 25 kilometers from Rome and is near two lakes: Lake Albano and Lake Nemi. Several Romans ruins can be seen in Albano Laziale such as the arena and the thermal baths of Caracalla.

According to the legend of the city’s founding, Aeneas’ son Ascanius was visited by a white boar in his dreams which told him where the Latin people should build their capital city. The legend goes on to say that Ascanius approached the location indicated by his dreams and founded Alba Longa. His descendants eventually gave birth to the princess Rhea Silvia who became the mother of the famed Romulus and Remus. Nowadays, the original city has been lost but the white boar and the inscription “Mater Urbis” are on the coat of arms of Albano to remind all of its origin as the “birthplace of Rome”.