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Cathedral of St. Lawrence – Genoa

Genoa - Duomo - Facade
Genoa - Duomo - CeilingGenoa - Duomo - InteriorGenoa - Duomo - Particular

The Cathedral of St Lawrence was founded in the 5th century AD. Excavations under the Duomo have brought to light Roman’s Walls and pre-Christian tombs; probably the site was used as a cemetery since long before.

Many churches were built on the spot before in 1155 the actual Romanesque Duomo was erected. It became very quickly the center of the medieval city. At the end of the 13th century a terrible fire damaged the church; when it was restored the original style was kept, however various frescoes were added.

Since then the Duomo went through several renovations. During the 14th and 15th centuries were added several chapels and altars; in 1550 an architect was hired in order to rebuild the Duomo di San Lorenzo completely. Luckily the project was never completed and only few changes went through.

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At the end of the 17th century the Duomo was finally completed.

Many beautiful artworks are conserved in the interior of the Cathedral: frescoes, statues and paintings from different periods and styles.

The Genoa’s Cathedral is also famous for a “miracle” that took place in 1941. During the Second World War the city was being badly bombed by the allied. By mistake a British vessel launched a shell that felt right in the center of the church. Luckily only the walls were damaged while the bomb never exploded. The shell is still inside the Duomo along with an inscription where the people of Genoa thank the Virgin Mary for this “miracle”.