Roman Residential Buildings

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Case Romane del Celio – Rome

Rome - Case Celio - confessionale
Rome- Ss Giovanni e Paolo - FacadeRome - Case Celio - interiorRome - Case Celio - fresco

Hidden under the beautiful Basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo lays a major archaeological site: the stunning buildings famous as Case Romane del Celio. The complex is considered one of the best examples of Roman residential buildings.

In 1887 the Rector of the Basilica, Father Germano da San Stanislao, while looking for the tombs of the martyrs John and Paul discovered this amazing site. Twenty well conserved and decorated rooms were found. At least five different buildings are part of this complex, all dated between the 1st and 4th century AD.

Only in 1951 the architect Prandi brought to the light the entire complex.

In 2002 the site was completely open to the public.

Today is possible to enter the site through Via Clivio di Scauro one of Rome’s oldest street.

Things to see

Visitors can admire original frescoes, partly representing pagan themes, like the Proserpine myth; while the “newer” ones are dedicated to the Christian cult.  In one room are also present traces of mosaics dated 3rd century AD.

Some of the rooms were transformed by Christians into an oratory and a beautifully decorated confessional was built during the 4th century.

A visit to this amazingly well conserved site will deepen your understanding of how Ancient Rome was built.