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Private Pompeii Tour from Sorrento

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Your private driver will pick you up in the morning to take you on a fascinating half day excursion to Pompeii.

Located near present-day Naples, Pompeii was an ancient Roman city at the foot of the infamous Mount Vesuvius. The volcano erupted in 79 AD, killing the inhabitants and burying the city in ash but, on the other hand, perfectly preserving their way of life. Get ready to travel back in time as your guide takes you through the archeological park, walking you along the same streets that were once frequented by Romans thousands of years ago. During your visit you will discover the public baths, forums, and villas built and used by the inhabitants of Pompeii, as well as a collection of artifacts – from household items to jewelry – recovered from the ashes. You will marvel at the incredibly well-preserved frescoes which still adorn the walls and floors of the villas, and which have allowed visitors and researchers alike to glimpse into what life was like at the time.

Even if your interests do not lie in history, this is an archaeological site that cannot fail to impress you.

At the end of your tour, meet with your driver again to return to your accommodations.


– Round trip transportation with private car

– Expert English speaking driver coordinator

– Tour of Pompeii Archeological park with local guide (2 hours)

– Pompeii archaeological park entrance fees and reservation (skip the line)


– Pompeii Archaeological Park

– Confirmation will be received at time of booking

– Voucher and detailed operator information, including local emergency numbers will be received three weeks before the date of your tour.

– Adult pricing applies to all travelers.

– We suggest wearing comfortable shoes and clothes as Pompeii Archaeological Park has uneven terrain. During summer we suggest to bring a hat, sunscreen and a bottle of water.

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Borgo Santa Lucia – Naples

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Borgo Santa Lucia is a historical coastal neighborhood of Naples dating back to the 9th century. Its inception is actually much older, to when the Roman general and politician Lucius Lucullus moved to the area in the 1st century BCE, building himself an impressive villa. It was so massive that remains of it can be found throughout several sections of Naples.

This villa was converted into a monastery during the early medieval period. The legend says that while Saint Patricia was traveling to reach the Holy Land she stopped in Naples and decided to stay here founding a sanctuary. Later the Basilian Monks settled where once was located the Roman Villa. During the 12th century in order to guard the gulf the monastery became a fortress.

The area changed totally during the 16th century. The Spanish Viceroys hired the famous architect Domenico Fontana in order to transform what once was a simple fishermen’s village into one of the most important areas of Naples.

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During the first half of the 19th century the level of the sea started to rose; unfortunately the Sanctuary was bury and a new one was constructed on the same spot. Few years later when the entire Kingdom of Naples was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy the all area was heavily remodeled.

Today Borgo Santa Lucia is very popular among the tourists and Neapolitans. Visitors can enjoy a stunning view of the bay from a table in one of the many restaurant and cafes of the area.

Castel Dell’Ovo – Naples

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The Castel dell‘Ovo is the oldest castle in Naples and is one of the most famous standing attractions in the gulf. The architectural structure of the castle has changed dramatically since it was first built in the 1st century BCE; once a part of Lucius Lucullus’ massive villa, the castle underwent many reconstructions and improvements to become what we see today.

Originally built as a splendid villa by the Roman politician Lucius Lucullus, it was a grand display of wealth and power. It was later fortified to provide a home to Romolo Augusto, the last Emperor of Rome – and ironically became his grave following a successful assassination. During the early medieval period, the villa was converted into a monastery inhabited by Basilian monks. Much of the monastery was lost when the castle was destroyed by the Saracens when Naples felt into their hands. Because of its strategic location, the remains were converted into a fortress during the 12th century to guard the gulf.

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Over the centuries, the fortress was partially destroyed due to several events such as an earthquake during the 14thcentury or the French and Spanish attacks during the 16th century. In the 19th century, Naples underwent a massive period of urban restructuring, during which time the castle was meant for destruction but was left to disrepair instead.

Today, the castle is open to visitors following extensive renovations in the late 20th century. Its largest rooms are now used for exhibitions and conventions both private and public. Nearby on the coast, in the Borgo Marinari, there are several restaurants and bars that visitors can enjoy.