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Farinata di Ceci

Farinata di Ceci
Farinata di Ceci - Street FoodOlive OilFarinata di ceci - Chickpea

The Farinata di ceci is a kind of unleavened very thin cake made with chickpea flour.

The original recipe come from Genova; however during the centuries it became so famous among the populations that many other Italian and French regions adopted it!

The word farinata in Italian means made of flour. It is a very simple dish yet very tasty and nutritious.

In order to make the farinata and stay true to the original recipe it is necessary to add water and EVOO to the chickpea flour and stir until the mixture become homogeneous. Then the farinata is cooked into an open oven. At the end it is possible to season the dish with sea salt, black pepper and/or rosemary. When ready it is cut into triangular shapes and served without any additional toppings or dippings. Usually you will find the farinata in bakeries and pizzerias all around town.

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In Genova it is possible to taste few variations of the original recipe. Very popular since the beginning is the one with whitebait; unfortunately today due to strict fishing regulations it is not very simple to find it! However you can easily enjoy the farinata with added onions or artichokes!