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Also known as “The City of a Hundred Horizons”, Asolo is a small town located in the Veneto region. It is considered one of the nicest cities in Italy thanks to its culture, architecture and of course, fine cuisine. Surrounded by a rampart, Asolo is built around a hill with the fortress La Rocca erected on top, overlooking the whole town. Old houses and narrow medieval streets with arches are the main components of the city.

Thanks to the Alps, Asolo enjoys a mild climate, best enjoyed with a walk through its historical streets, passing under arches, or by visiting one of its many gardens and villas. This small city has always attracted artists, poets, writers and singers, inspired by its charm. For instance the author Pietro Bembo wrote “Gli Asolani”, which makes a few references to Asolo, while the poet Robert Browning bought Villa Cipriani in 1889 and briefly lived in Asolo until his passing.

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Visitors can explore the medieval fortress on top of the hill and continue their visit to the Civic Museum. Another interesting place to explore is the Castle of Queen Caterina Cornaro (the queen of Cyprus between 1474 and 1489). She stayed in this castle with her court during the 15th century and it later became her official residence. As the years passed, the castle of Queen Caterina Cornaro became the symbol of the Asolan countryside. Three of its four towers still stand today.

Finally, a visit in Asolo is not complete without stopping in one of its restaurant to enjoy a delicious Italian meal accompanied by tasty wines from the area such as the Asolo Prosecco Superiore, a dry yet sparkling white wine.