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Old Port – Genoa

Genoa - Porto Antico - Night View
Genoa - Porto Antico - View from the seaGenoa - Porto Antico - Magazzini del CotoneGenoa - Porto Antico - Galeone NeptuneGenoa - Porto Antico - BollaGenoa - Porto Antico - BoatsGenoa - Porto Antico - View

The Porto Antico (Old Port) is the oldest part of the Genoa’s harbor.

The old pier was built during the 15th century close to Porta Siberia (Siberia Gate), the gate that regulated the access to the city. During the 20th century the dock was remodeled in order to be more modern; the Genoa’s Port was already the biggest one in Italy. Many buildings were erected and the landscape of the port changed dramatically.

Genoa’s most illustrious citizen is probably the great explorer Cristoforo Colombo. The city of Genoa has always celebrated the renowned traveler; for this reason in 1992 for the Columbus celebration the famous architect Renzo Piano remodeled the oldest areas of the Port. The idea was to give back to the genoesi an area neglected for too many years! Today the space offers many different attractions such as an aquarium, various museums and venues for events. Famous is the Bolla a glass sphere that houses an incredible miniature rainforest.

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Today the area is considered one of the most beautiful in Genoa, both inhabitants and visitors enjoy long walks along the sea or just sit and relax in one of the many bars and restaurants located in the area.