Porta Fiorentina

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Monteriggioni - Panorama
Monteriggioni - PortaMonteriggioni - PiazzaMonteriggioni - Piazza Roma

Monteriggioni is a beautiful medieval town located in the province of Siena. The villages was built, at the beginning of the 13th century, on a hill by the Republic of Siena in order to protect the territory by the attacks of the Florentine’s army. In 1554 the Sienese thought they had secured the villages under their dominion thank to the help of a Florentine’s exile Giovannino Zeti. However Zeti betrayed them and soon handed the city to the Medici Family.

The city was fortified in 1213: the walls were built following the outlines of the hill forming almost a circle. Fourteen towers and two gates were added. The Porta Fiorentina is located on the northern side of the walls facing Florence, while the Porta Romana is located south facing Rome. Monteriggioni’s main street connects the two gates.

Things to see

The most important square of the town is Piazza Roma. Here it is possible to admire a Romanesque Church and the Palaces built by the wealthy people of Monteriggioni during the Renaissance period. On the side streets there are many little beautiful gardens once used to feed the population during the wars.