Palazzo Farnese

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Piazza Farnese – Rome

Rome - Piazza Farnese - St Brigida
Rome - Piazza Farnese - Palazzo FarneseRome - Piazza Farnese - Palazzo Farnese particularRome - Piazza Farnese - fountain

Piazza Farnese was joined with Piazza Campo dei Fiori: the two squares were combined to form a big open space.

The plaza is located in the heart of the medieval Rome.

It was named after the famous 16th century Palazzo Farnese; the development of the piazza and the palace were strictly connected. Under Pope Alexander VI the area around Campo dei Fiori started to grow in popularity. Buildings and streets were constructed to improve the district.

Palazzo Farnese, the largest Renaissance palace in Rome, was built for Cardinal Alessandro Farnese who would become Pope Paul III.

Construction began in 1514 and it was finished only in 1589. Antonio da San Gallo the Younger, Michelangelo and Giacomo della Porta were the designers.

The building was constructed with materials taken from the Colosseum and the Caracalla’s baths. Today the Palazzo houses the French Embassy.

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In the center of the square are two stunning fountains made from granite bathtubs removed from the Roman Baths of Caracalla. On top of each of them there is a stone sculpted iris, the Farnese’s symbol.

Close to the palace is located a small church dedicated to Saint Bridget of Sweden. The Saint lived in Rome during the second half of the 14th century. After Saint Bridget death her house was converted into a church. Today we can admire a beautiful Baroque façade that was added in the 17th century.