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Caruggi – Genoa

Genoa - Caruggi
Genoa - Caruggi - StreetGenoa - Caruggi - Salita Superiore San RocchinoGenoa - Caruggi - Roofs

Caruggi is the popular name given to the characteristic small streets of Genoa. The word means alley, many roads in the old city are called Vico from Vicoli (lane).

Most of the caruggi names derive from the activity that was practiced in the area. Typically the name are related to artisanal activities like Via Orefici (Goldsmiths Street) and Piazza di Pellicceria (Furriery Square). Today a lot have changed but the caruggi still attract many tourists thanks to the numerous little shops (botteghe) that still offer artisanal products.

It is believed that the old Genoa was built with this little alleys in order to protect itself against the pirates’ attacks; it was easier to defend the city. Eventually Genoa was fortified too.

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The most famous Genoa’s Caruggio is called Via di Pre’.

Visitors can’t lose the opportunity to stroll around in this unique area; walking and getting lost in these characteristic alleyways is an inimitable experience. It seems that the time stopped long ago thanks to the authentic little stores and workshops. Every time that a caruggio turns is hard to know what you will find around the corner!