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Cernobbio - Panorama
Cernobbio - ViewCernobbio - Villa D'Este - FountainCernobbio - Villa d'Este

Cernobbio is a lovely village located on the western shore of Lake Como. Its gorgeous waterfront, unique piazzas and narrow streets helped the city to become one of the most lovely towns of the Italian Lake District.

Strolling around its centre visitors will be enchanted by the beautiful buildings that house typical restaurants and shops. From the harbour it is possible to take a ferry that will easily connect you to the most important villages of Lake Como.

While discovering the city the Romanesque Chiesa di San Michele is worth a visit. Built during the 18th century the church has a stunning baroque carved altar.

Cernobbio is famous for its marvellous villas erected mostly during the 19th century by the european aristocracy. The villas and they gorgeous gardens are private so if you want to see them the best way is to rent a boat and admire them from the lake.

However due to the growing popularity of the area many Villas are being transformed into luxury hotels. The best example is the hotelVilla d’Este; the villa was once owned by the aristocratic d’Este Family. The building was erected during the 16th century on top of the ruin of a convent; it is probably from here that the name Cernobbio came: Coenobium in fact in latin means convent! The villa was restyled during the 19th century by the Princess of Wales Caroline of Brunswick born d’Este.

Things to see

Popular are also Villa Erba and Villa Pizzo. The first one was built at the end of the 19th century and today houses an important conference centre; Villa Pizzo was constructed three centuries earlier and has a gorgeous park and many beautiful frescoes.

Cernobbio is also famous for its stunning surroundings: the lovely Alpi Scarone offer breathtaking views of the area. There is a gorgeous trail, Via dei Monti Lariani, perfect for trekking and the Buco della Volpe a splendid cave with an unique underground pool.