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Villa Carlotta

Tremezzo - Villa Carlotta - Fountain
Tremezzo - Villa Carlotta - FlowersTremezzo - Villa Carlotta - ParkTremezzo - Alpi View

The stunning Villa Carlotta was built at the end of the 17th century by Giorgio II Clerici to celebrate the success of his family.

Two centuries later the building was bought by the Princess Marianne of the Netherlands as a wedding gift for her daughter Carlotta, from here the name Villa Carlotta! The new owner enriched the gardens and they created what today it is considered a  park of extraordinary environmental and historical value.

After the end of the World War I the Villa passed under the control of the Rotary Club; a foundation was created in order to maintain it and give the public the opportunity to visit it all year round.

Today Villa Carlotta houses a beautiful museum. Thanks to one of its owners the Villa in fact can count on a vast collection of art pieces. Many Canova’s masterpieces are displayed here. On the second floor of the Villa it is possible to admire the furniture and art pieces brought here by Princess Marianne during the second half of the 19th century.

Things to see

After the museum’s visit it is time to get lost in the lovely park that surround Villa Carlotta. The rhododendrons’ and azaleas’ spring flowering created a unique scenario that attract many visitors every year. However due to the incredible number of different plants and flowers species it is possible to enjoy the park all year round. The Bamboos Garden for example showcases more than 25 different variety of bamboos, while the Rhododendrons Wood has no equal except for the woods of the Himalayan Mountains!

Royal Palace – Turin

Turin - Palazzo Reale - View
Turin - Palazzo RealeTurin - Palazzo Reale - GateTurin - Palazzo Reale - Facade

The Royal Palace of Turin was the residence of the Savoy Family for centuries.

Located in the central Piazza Castello the palace was built were once stood the Bishop’s Palace. The location was chosen for two reasons: to be close where the court met, and to monitor the two main entrances of Turin, the Palatine Gate and the Pretoria Gate.

Initially built during the 16th century it was remodeled during the regency of Christine Marie of France a century later. She hired the famous baroque architect Filippo Juvarra. He designed the gorgeous staircase called Scala delle Forbici.

Another important addition to the original palace was the construction of the Chapel of the Holy Shroud. The chapel was built in order to house the famous Shroud of Turin, property of the Savoy Family since 1453.

Things to see

The gate that surround the Palace is decorated with a Golden Medusa; the Medusa symbol was used to scare trespassers.

In 1946 after a referendum abolished the monarchy in Italy the Palace was converted into a museum. It was dedicated to the House of Savoy.

In 1997 the Royal Palace became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.