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St. Rufino’s Cathedral – Assisi

Assisi - San Rufino
Assisi - St Rufino - PortalAssisi - St Rufino - Cappella del sacramento

Assisi’s most famous Saints, St. Francis and St. Clare, were baptized in the Cathedral of San Rufino.

The city’s Cathedral is the third church erected on the spot to contain the remains of St. Rufino. The Saint was martyred in 238 after he converted the city to Christianity.

The Cathedral was partly built on top of a Roman cistern; its construction started in 1140.

The exterior of the church still shows the original Umbrian Romanesque style in which it was built, while the interior were completely modified during the late Renaissance period.


The façade was built with stones from Monte Subasio. Assisi is located on its slopes.

Things to see

The Crypt located beneath the Cathedral is part of the previous Church built in 1030. The columns and the capitals are Roman remains as the sarcophagus with the myth of Diana that according to tradition contains St. Rufino’s vestiges.

The Cathedral houses also the Museo Capitolare that contains frescoes and parts of the pre-existing churches.