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Palazzo Madama – Turin

Turin - Palazzo Madama - Night View
Turin - Palazzo Madama - BackTurin - Palazzo Madama - FacadeTurin - Palazzo Madama - Back View

Palazzo Madama historically is one of the most important buildings in Turin. Located in the central Piazza Castello it was built on top of a Roman gate.

During the 14th century the palace was transformed into a castle by the Savoia Acaja Family. Not even a century later it was heavy remodeled again; the building was given a square shape with a tower at each corner and an inner court. When the Savoia Acaja Family disappeared the House of Savoy inherited the castle, transforming it in their guest house.

Palazzo Madama was chosen by the regent Christine Marie as her residence; she modernized the interior. Following her predecessor steps the regent Marie Jeanne moved in the Palace too.

From here the name Palazzo Madame that in Italian means literally Madame’s Palace.

The baroque architect Filippo Javarra was hired to transform the 15th century Palace into a Baroque’s one. The project was never completed and only the frontal section was remodeled and covered in white stone.

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In the following decades the Palace was used for many different purposes. It became the headquarter of the French government under the Napoleon’s dominion; King Charles Albert transformed it into the Royal Art Gallery and later installed here the Subalpine Senate and the High Court.

During the fascist era Palazzo Madama became the Museo Civico di Arte Antica, City Museum of Ancient Art. In reality the museum hosts a collection of artworks from the Middle Ages to the 18th century.