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Sagrantino Wine

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The Sagrantino di Montefalco Wine, or simply called Sagrantino, is an Italian wine produced with 100% Sagrantino grape. This grape variety is cultivated only in the Province of Perugia, particularly in the Montefalco and Bevagna area. 25 producers have dedicated about 250 acres of land to this unique grape. This small production is probably the reason why this delicious wine is not always very well-known outside Italy.

In 1991 the Sagrantino gained the DOCG title (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin); this is the highest rank for an Italian wine.

There are two variations for this wine: the Sagrantino Secco (Dry Sagrantino) and the Sagrantino Passito. The first one is a rich dry red wine with an inky purple color and a bouquet of red fruit, plum and cinnamon. The Passito is a dessert wine thicker and sweeter than the dry version.

After the vendemmia the wine is conserved in oak barrel for 1year and than transferred in regular barrels for other 18 months.

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The wine production of this area can count on a very long tradition; it was already well known during the roman period. For centuries the Sangrantino grape was used mostly for the passito wine. Only in 1976 the trend started to change and the Sagrantino Dry began to become the main production.

Vino Nobile

Nobile Montepulciano
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The Vino Nobile of Montepulciano is a red wine produced in Montepulciano, southern Tuscany. The wine is a blend of Sangiovese grapes (minimum 70%), Canaiolo Nero grapes (10%-20%) and other local varieties. The classic Vino Nobile aged in oak barrels for 2 years, while the riserva stays a year more.

It has a bright ruby red color and a rich texture. Sophisticated aromas of cherry and plum follow through to a full-bodied palate, with soft, round tannins and a flavorful finish.

The wine production of this area can count on a very long tradition. The vineyards of the area are documented as far back as 789 AD. In 1350 were written the first rules for Montepulciano’s wine trade.

For centuries the wine produced in this area was called Vino rosso scelto di Montepulciano. The Cantine Fanetti had promoted this wine since the end of the First World War all around the world. In 1930 the winemaker Adamo Fainetti coined the name Vino Nobile di Montepulciano (Noble Wine of Montepulciano).

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In 1931 Siena hosted the first trade show of wine: the Vino Nobile had an incredible success. Many companies of the area started to switch their production from Chianti to Vino Nobile. Only 7 years after the Vino Nobile was officially born it was founded a Cantina Sociale to help promote the Montepulciano’s wine produced also by the smaller winemakers.

In 1966 the Vino Nobile gained the DOC title (Denomination of Controlled Origin) and in 1980 it was upgrade to the DOCG (Denomination of Controlled and Guarenteed Origin).

Today the Vino Nobile is a well known and appreciated wine all around the world.