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In the heart of the Dolomite Mountains, in a quiet valley, can be found a small city named Cortina. This city is the capital of the Dolomites, an area located in the north Veneto; it is only 44 kilometers away from the Austrian border. Cortina d’Ampezzo, as it is formally called, is situated in the province of Belluno, 1210 meters above sea level.

Considered to be one of the Dolomites’ treasures, Cortina is well known for its VIP tourists and its luxury hotels. The city has a lovely ancient city center while the main street, called Corso Italia, is composed of several luxury shops. While Cortina is traditionally an elegant and trendy ski resort, it is also very agreeable during the summer. It was the first Italian city to host the Winter Olympic Games in 1956.

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Each winter, the Cortina Winter Polo tournament, the most important yearly event in the area, is held in the city. During the 1980s, a group of Swiss came up with the idea of playing Polo in the winter, specifically of playing on the frozen lake of Saint Moritz. In 1989, a group of Roman friends who shared a passion for Polo decided to create a tournament in Cortina just like the one in Saint Moritz. The Cortina Winter Polo Gold Cup was born and quickly became one of the most prestigious events in Europe. The presence of famous Italian and international entrepreneurs eventually attracted more and more people, making the city famous.

Today, Cortina belongs to a network composed of twelve different internationally renowned ski resorts called “Best of the Alps”. Cortina offers 140 kilometers worth of different marked ski runs. The longest run links Cortina to Dobbiaco and is about 30 kilometers long.