Castello di Punta Pagana

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Rapallo - Golfo di Rapallo
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Rapallo is a lovely village located on the charming Ligurian Sea coast, close to the famous town of Portofino.

Rapallo was founded around the 8th century BC; it is still uncertain if the first settlement was Greek or Etruscan. After the Roman domination the city passed under the Republic of Genoa.

Unfortunately during the 16th century Rapallo was attacked and devastated many times from the sea. In order to protect the village and its inhabitants the Castello sul Mare, Castle on the Sea, was built.

in 1815 Rapallo became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia; in 1861 it was annexed to the newly born Italian Kingdom.

Thanks to its lovely location and its mild climate the town became very popular among the rich Europeans. Many gorgeous Villas where built in the hills located right behind the village. Artists and writers from all over the world decided to spend here their winters or to retire in this little paradise!

One of the first Italian Golf Courses opened here in 1930.

Things to see

After enjoying the breathtaking panoramas and lovely streets and buildings, tourists can visit many interesting historical sites.

Rapallo can counts on two charming castles, the Castello sul Mare and the Castello di Punta Pagana, both built between the 16th and 17th centuries. Interesting are also the Tower of the Fieschi and the Torre Civica, both erected during the 15th century, or the beautiful Porta delle Saline, the only gate that survived from the roman fortification. There are also several delightful churches worth a visit!