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Pecorino di Pienza

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The delicious Pecorino di Pienza is a Tuscan Pecorino, one of the oldest cheeses of the world. It is made from 100% whole sheep milk.

The word Pecorino derives form Pecora that means sheep in Italian.

The Tuscan Pecorino is a sweeter and milder version of the ones produced in southern Italy.

There are three different kind of Pecorino: Fresco (fresh), semi-stagionato and stagionato (seasoned).  The Pecorino Fresco is aged for a minimum of 40 days and a maximum of 2 months; the semi-stagionato one is matured for up to 4 months and the Stagionato between 4 and 18 months.

The Pecorino di Pienza is becoming one of the most famous cheeses of the region.

Pienza is located in the Val d’Orcia, between Montalcino and Montepulciano, two cities famous for the wine production.

The area of Pienza is very different from the rest of the Tuscany; the dry clay earth is not easy to cultivate. Probably for this reason since before the Etruscan period sheep are being raised here.

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The Pecorino di Pienza is today mostly made with veal rennet; however the more traditional cheese makers still use rennet made from plants.

The raw milk used for the production of the Pecorino enters right away the cheese-making procedure.

After the coagulation with the animal or vegetable rennet the cheese is marinated with vinegar and salt or left to dry. Then the Pecorino is left to mature in humid rooms in the Caseificio (the Dairy). The wheels of cheese are covered with walnut leafs and intermittently moistened with Tuscan Olive Oil and covered with grease and wax.

The Pecorino di Pienza is superb when pared with Montalcino’s chestnut honey and Tuscan wine, especially Chianti and Vino Nobile.