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The gorgeous city of Alba is well known around the world as the centre of the UNESCO Human Heritage area of Langhe; however its wines and white truffles are probably even more famous!

The first settlements in the area were founded by the Celtics and Ligurians. Alba today is located exactly where once was built a Roman city. During the Roman period the town went through a period of prosperity and peace; unfortunately during the centuries that followed the end of the Roman Empire Alba was sacked numerous times. Only when the city passed under the control of the Savoy family at the beginning of the 17th century peace was brought back. 

Luckily it is still possible to admire few well preserved roman buildings and parts of the roman walls erected to protect the city.

Visiting the town centre there are many beautiful churches worth a visit.

The Duomo built following the Romanesque style during the 12th century has gone through many renovations. Only the campanile was never restyled. The Church of San Domenico is considered by many the most beautiful one in town. The Church of San Giovanni Battista has many lovely paintings.

Gorgeous are also the Bishop’s Palace and the Palazzo Comunale.

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Alba has a very strong economy, thanks to the presence in the territory of many successful business. Around the world the city is mostly famous for its wine production. Some of the finest Italian’s wines come from this area. This small town can count on almost 300 wineries!

The wines product in the area are: Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco, Barolo and Moscato.

Food lovers visit this town all year round not only for the incredible choice of wines but also for its delicious and exquisite white truffles!

When exploring this lovely city visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a gorgeous historical centre, to taste some of the most renowned Italian’s wines and to indulge in a delicious cuisine!