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The first settlements in this area are dated back to the Neolithic period.

Due to its strategic position Asti is been involved in endless battles for centuries. The Roman built the first fortifications around the town; however it couldn’t stop several barbarian invasions!

After centuries of uncertainty the city passed under the French domination. At the end of the 16th century it became part of the Savoy’s dominion.

The rich past of Asti is shown in its beautiful city centre, where it is still possible to admire part of the ancient city walls and many gorgeous medieval palaces and merchants houses. During the medieval time became popular, among the richest families, to erect monumental towers; the town was also called “the city of 100 towers”. Luckily many of these towers are still existent. Among the most famous are: Torre dei Comentini, Torre de Regibus and Torre Troyana (all built during the 13th century); unique it is the ancient Rossa di San Secondo, erected during the Roman period.

Discovering the city it is also possible to visit several stunning churches. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta was built during the 13th century in Romanesque-Gothic style on top of an old Church. The gorgeous bell tower was added in 1266. Another beautiful church worth a visit is the Collegiata di San Secondo dedicated to Secundus of Asti the town’s patron saint. It was constructed during the 13th century; however the crypt was part of an older building and it is dated back to the 6th century.

Every year at the end of September the city hosts the famous Palio di Asti. During this event each Asti’s Rione and some of the adjacent towns, rival in a bare-back horse race. The Palio was established to celebrate an important victory in battle against the city of Alba. It is the oldest Italian Palio.

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Asti, Cuneo and Alessandria’s provinces produce some of the best red wines in Italy. The Barbera one is one of the most popular wines of the area.

However the most famous, and renowned around the world, wine produced in the region is the Asti Spumante (DOCG), a sparkling sweet white wine. This wine is produced only with white muscat grape. Besides the Asti Spumante is also produce a more expensive version called Moscato d’Asti.

Asti is also considered a paradise for the truffle lovers! From October to December the white truffle season attracts numerous fan of this famous delicacy!